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Professional Experience

Professional Design Agency to provide solutions

Beauty And Cosmetics

Akbar’s Beauty & Cosmetics partners with ‘Nabila’ for the elite salon ‘Nabila Islamabad,’ and introduces ‘Defy Cosmetics’ in 2021, celebrating individualism with diverse, cruelty-free


Born from AVL’s merger, Akbar’s Tech Division amplifies IT and IoT prowess. Elevating banking, healthcare, and e-commerce; IoT empowers devices, sparking innovation through real-time

Construction & Land Development 

Akbar Associates seizes Pakistan’s real estate wave via Naya Pakistan Housing laws. Their strategic foray into affordable construction leverages ample owned land. 1,000-home greenfield


Akbar Associates excels in overseeing and handling expansive oil and gas projects. Expertise includes Right-of-way, Access Roads, Pipelines, Water Lines, Mine Development, and Desalination,

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