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The Akbar Associates Oil Field Services (OFS) Division offers various services categorized into five core areas: Data Analytics, Conventional Studies, Dry or Under-Performing Well Postmortem, Onsite Services, and Geoscience Services.

Driving Excellence in Oil Field Solutions Innovatively!

Akbar’s Oil Field Services - OFS Division combines the strengths, knowledge, and experience of its oilfield service arm Petrolog, which has provided onsite wellhead completion, corrosion monitoring, and drilling engineering services to the local industry since 1986 and the reservoir engineering and the geoscience group constituted in 2015.

OFS Division now offers onsite and offsite services that can broadly be grouped into the following five categories.

  1. Data Analytics:

This is a journey towards digital dexterity that can elevate an E&P operation into an integrated, information-driven environment, improving oilfield safety, planning, productivity, and efficiency while at the same time mitigating risks and reducing costs. 


  1. Conventional Studies: 


Utilizing top-ranked interpretation software platforms to study geology, geophysics, petrophysics, drilling, and reservoir engineers, coupled with our highly qualified team of reservoir engineers, petroleum geologists, geophysicists, and petrophysicists, Akbar OFS offers a comprehensive relook and reassessment of a wildcat, new, developing inventories in both conventional and unconventional plays. 


  1. Well Postmortem – Dry or Under-Performing: 


For the first time in Pakistan, we offer Dry or Under-Performing Well Postmortem, Which is a comprehensive all-discipline study with a specific focus on searching for and identifying Knowledge Limitations, Model Deficiencies, and/or Data Inaccuracies utilizing all tools, including software and integrated data analytics.


  1. Onsite Services:


Onsite services include: 


  • Provision of qualified engineers and field staff for designing and installing corrosion monitoring and prevention equipment, including inhibition chemicals. 
  • Provision of qualified engineers and technicians for optimizing drilling operations, including drilling fluid rheology.
  • Provision of engineering assistance and field supervision for wellhead completion.


  1. Geoscience:

By coupling our highly qualified team of geoscientists with IHS KINGDOM software for geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and analytics, Akbar Associates OFS Division has the capabilities to provide interpretation services for Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, Drilling Optimization, and Well Postmortem.


  • Allows Structural & Stratigraphic Interpretation for Regional exploration, Well-Planned/Design, Geosteering & Field Management.
  • Creation of Multiple Cross Sections, Manipulation of Formation Tops with or without Seismic Overlays, Perforations & Production Data.
  • Conduct Basin-Wide Exploration & Development.


  • Visualization & Interpretation of 2D and 3D Seismic Data, Pre-Stack Gather Data & Microseismic Data. 
  • Interpreting Faults & Fractures and identifying Geobodies.
  • High Definition Velocity Modeling with Uncertainty Estimation. 
  • Subsurface Map Creation & Well Plan updating using Dynamic Depth Conversion.
  • 1D and 2D Synthetic Modeling.


  • Structural Mapping: Accommodating new field information in real-time for structural maps, allowing for minimizing costs.
  • Geological Prognosis Generation: Location optimal geologic position for each structure being drilled through.
  • Geosteering: Consistent Subsurface Model to ensure an optimal portion of the subsurface for the greatest production.
  • Completion Optimization: Well-Length Perforation Methodology, Pump Material & Acid Specification.
  • Land Clearing Process: Quick Interpretation of Data to Plan Wells Efficiently for a better return on investment.
  • Dynamic Depth Conversion: Velocity Model Creation using Well & Seismic Data.
  • Geophysical Prospecting Workflows: Identify & Locate Viable Reservoirs & Reservoir Characterization Workflows.


  • Regional Interpretation & Mapping using Digital Log Computations.
  • Creation of Composite Logs for Interpretive Lithology & Cross Sections.
  • Map Reservoir Properties Calculations: Water Saturation, Porosity & Permeability.
  • Trend Calculation & Interactive Bulk Depth Shift Calculation.


  • Comprehensive Re-Evaluation of Geological & Reservoir Models, including Well-Design and Drilling Methodologies, to Ζdentify Model Deficiencies and Inaccuracies that Led to the Absence of Hydrocarbons and Well-Failure.
  • Well Postmortem is Different from End-ofWell Reports because they focus on searching and identifying Knowledge Limitations and Data Inaccuracies.