Living up to our trading of exploring the unchartered waters and recognizing that water is new oil critical to Pakistan’s wellbeing & sustainable growth, we are creating a knowledge base necessary to address the diverse opportunities in the water sector. 

Akbar’s Water Division offers consultancy and engineering services for determining optimum water treatment solutions, surface water hydrology and groundwater reservoir engineering including modeling, depletion assessment and optimized aquifer management. 

Akbar, in partnership with out technology partners, offers a Water Purification Solution that is proven capable of processing municipal waste waters including sewage & industrial effluents, contaminated aquifers, brackish or sea waters into certified potable water 100% fit & safe for human consumption. The solution offered is essentially chemical free multi-stage treatment processes that are good to treat most contaminated water streams except the ones having radioactive containments. The process solutions offered can be generally categorized into the following segments:

(1) DWRS – includes Domestic Wastewater Treatment & Reuse and Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Reuse. This process incorporates advance treatment technology in an essentially chemical free multi-stage treatment environment design optimized to handle domestic wastewater containments including TSS, phosphorus, BOD, COD, oil/grease, bacteria and ammonia nitrogen.  

(2) IWRS – is also an essentially chemical free multi-stage treatment process that covers Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Remediation and Water Recycling & Reuse. IWRS systems are designed to handle to TSS, heavy metals, hardness minerals, colloidal silica, organics, inorganics, pesticides, viruses, turbidity and other specific contaminants. The process provides TSS reduction of up to 99.9%, certain heavy metals and organic compounds are oxidized and bacteria are killed. The process also achieves hardness mineral removal of up to 90% based on pH without the use of chelating agents. 

Both, the DWRS & IWRS are offered as modular solutions, in ready to plug & operate modules that can be readily retrofitted into existing domestic or municipal wastewater treatment systems meeting stringent regulations and reducing operating cost.