Mohammad Akbar Ansari’s association with the Pakistani Oil & Gas Industry started in September 1948, when he joined the then Attock Oil Company as a young chemist. Over the next three and a half decades prior to founding of Akbar Associates (Private) Limited in 1983, he became acutely aware of the serious limitations faced by the national industry due to non-availability of in-country supply chain solutions backed by aftermarket support, especially for critical service equipment. This realization of limitations and the vision to mitigate them set the course for Akbar Associates.  

With the Blessing of Allah, The Almighty and following the footsteps of its worthy founder, Akbar Associates has made substantial progress in realization of the dream.  On course we have faced many a failures that have left us wiser and stronger. But with the Grace of Allah, ours is a story of success that has left us humbled with our heads bowed in thankful submissions to Allah, The Almighty and given us the resolve and courage to remains steadfast and on course to continuously contribute to national growth. 

May Allah, The Most Magnificent and The Most Merciful, Bless Mr. Muhammad Akbar Ansari’s soul and grant us all the courage and wisdom to make Pakistan safe and prosperous for all people (Amen).