We are committed to inculcate a culture that embodies safe work practices, respect for the environment, protecting the health of our employees and delivering products and/or services that conform to the highest industry standards without any exclusions or exceptions.

  • All officers & employees of the company shall adhere to the Corporate Health Safety Environment & Quality ‘HSEQ’ policy of the company and promote the philosophy that HSEQ standards are more important than business and making a profit. 
  • The corporate HSEQ policy shall be communicated to all officers, employees, vendors, sub-contractors and customers. 
  • No officer, employee, vendor or contractor of the company shall change or alter the Corporate HSEQ policy. 
  • Clients, suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors that may be deputed at all our Work Site shall adhere to our HSEQ policy. 
  • We will help train our officers, employees, visitors and third party personnel deputed on our work site in our HSEQ policy. 
  • No employee or visitor to our work site shall be issued a work permit or visit pass unless and until they are briefed on our HSEQ procedures.  
  • The Top Management and section managers shall ensure that all employees are fully conversant with the Corporate HSEQ policy and any update or modification thereto. To ensure compliance, quarterly pre-scheduled trainings shall be planned at all work sites. 
  • Should the company revise or update its HSEQ policy, it shall immediately communicate it to all its officers, employees, vendors and clients and if necessary help train them.