Akbar Associates Food & Beverage division was founded in 2014, with the goal and objective of providing our customers a diverse array of cuisines with the upmost authenticity of flavours. By handpicking both our kitchen staff and supply vendors, we utilise only the best quality ingredients and when accompanied with the skills of our chefs, euphoria is achieved.   

Having two distinct locations at our disposal, one in Shaheen Market, E-7, Islamabad and the other in Farooqia Market, F-6, Islamabad, both of which include state of the art kitchen equipment and facilities alongside modern and unique furniture to provide a very distinct environment, we possess a diverse range of possibilities.  

Having access to 3 separate kitchens in E-7, we have the capability to operate 3 entirely different cuisines and restaurants simultaneously at one location. All kitchens consist of the highest quality equipment, ranging from ovens to items as basic as frying pans. In addition to the kitchen setups, we have 3 separate freezer units and storage units, one accompanying each kitchen setup, providing each kitchen with complete autonomy and independence from the other entities present in the same location.

In contrast, the kitchen setup in F-6 is more similar to an industrial kitchen setup and layout. One large floor space has been divided into different sections, including the following: Barbeque section, Continental section, Japanese section, Bakery, Ice Cream section, and lastly, Pakistani section. Similar to that of E-7, all the equipment present at F-6 is state of the art and of the highest quality. Due to the presence of an ice cream producing machine with the capacity to produce up to 1,000 Liters/Day, alongside an entire bakery production battery, we have the ability to produce our ice cream and bakery goods in house.