We are living through some very difficult and challenging times. The world around us is changing and along with it how we work. willingness to adapt and the ability to manage change is the test we face. This test has been made more acute and difficult given the recent realignment with in our group where the two principal owners and brothers , in a voluntary and cordially mutual agreement, have chosen to split the group into two distinct parts as it gets ready to welcome it’s third generation into business.

As a Chairman and father, I welcome my sons, Taha and Ghani, to the board and hope and pray that as grandsons of the founder they will further his vision and values while successfully continuing the journey that started some 40 years ago.

The new team has chosen to refocus on it’s core strengths, i-e LPG, Oil Field Service, Consulting and indenting, while at the same time branching out into technology, Food and beverage, Beauty services and Construction and Land Development &  Housing.

Technology Solutions developed by our Engineers are in final testing and will be ready for market by Q2 2021. These include our specialized IT software and ready for market IOT solutions. Our focus on technology has been re-enforced by our recent partnerships with Teradata, the world leader in Analytics and Northbay Solutions, Platinum  partner of AWS.

The F & B Division is in the process of relaunching  and rebranding in post-COVID market. Along with it’s current roaster of restaurants, the F & B Division is further expanding into beverage distribution, being the first to launch non-alcoholic and halal certified wines and spirits across Pakistan.

Land and Development and housing initiative has also also progressed well and our PKR 12 Billion housing and commercial development in Attock, Pakistan has achieved all regulatory and technical approvals with development works scheduled to start in Q2 2021.

We hope that with the above initiatives and realignments Akbar Associates will InshaAllah be back to full strength and ready to surpass past glory and achievements in the foreseeable future.