Around the globe there is a growing number of individuals that are choosing to drink ‘less and better’, paving the way for and improving no-alcohol beverages. As this market is expanded and improved upon, Akbar Associates Beverage Distribution is looking to pioneer and capitalize on the poteintial of No-Alcohol Beverages in Pakistan. As Pakistan is a dry market, introduction of non-alcohlic wines and spirits would bring drastic changes in social dynamics and the culinary and restaurant industries.

Akbar Associates has exclusively partnered with leading brands from France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States to bring a wide range of products to Pakistan.

Our Beverage Distribution Division has a product range that consists of non-alcoholic varieties of red & white wines (merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, sauvignon noir), rose, sparkling wines, champagne, flavored spirits, carbonated mocktails, and non-alcoholic varieties of vodka, whiskey, gin and vermouth. All products carried by our Beverage Distribution Division are certified Halal.