Akbar’s Technology Division was formerly its majority owned company ‘AVL’, the outstanding shares of which were acquired and the company merged into Akbar Associates as its Technology Division effective July 1, 2020.  

The Technology Division comprises of two distinct yet overlapping groups, one focusing on IT and the other on IOT. 

Akbar’s IT team is focused on improving our niche presence in the highly competitive but rewarding specialty software sectors comprising of the following:

  • Core, Branchless & Mobile Banking
  • Hospital Resource and Care Management
  • Dynamic Real Time E-Commerce Applications
  • ACRM & IVR Powered Customer Support Call Center 

Our core, branchless and mobile banking solutions are beginning to create ripples in the calm surrounds of financial services industry. Similarly, our E-Commerce offerings, in particular, our purchase management solutions are generating interest, especially with international donors with significant portfolio of remote development projects. Akbar’s state-of-the-art Health Services software suit that envisages resetting how healthcare has been offered and managed so far is in Beta testing.  

Akbar also offers a fully functional and professionally managed Avaya backbone comprising of 400 IVR ports connected to 14 PR1s, Avaya Aura Contact Center, 1X platforms capable of supporting up-to 12000 remote agents and Scopia Secure Video, E-Education & E-Health Facility.  

Akbar’s IOT initiative was set in motion after getting to realize that no IT solution can be delivered to customer satisfactions without access to customized IOT solutions. 

Our IOT team has acquired the knowledge and developed the physical capability that can add desired levels of digital intelligence to otherwise dumb devices or tools enabling real time communication and data collection. This ability to design and manufacture IOT solutions for both market and limited applications is a capability that is indeed unique.  

Some of these smart and temper resistant devises that can both track and communicate in real time have completed Beta testing and are being readied for Phase-1 Alpha deployments.