Since January 1983, Akbar Associates Group, adhering to the guiding principles of its founding father ‘quality products, flawless workmanship, on time deliveries and 24×7 service support’, has grown from a small company incorporated to provide an organized and reliable supply chain option to the national oil and gas industry to a large multi facet business house with over two hundred full time employees, paid up capital base of over PKR 500 Million, net worth exceeding PKR 2,500 Million and average annual turnover of approximately PKR 2,000 Million.

Growing on the strength of customer trust, circumspect management and financial controls, the Akbar Associates Group is striving to achieve a leadership position in the following carefully and deliberately selected niche markets:

  • LPG Import, Transport, Bottling and Distribution 
  • Defense & Oilfield Indenting 
  • Oilfield Services & Field Support 
  • Geological, Geophysical & Reservoir Engineering Studies 
  • Surface & Subsurface Water Engineering 
  • Customized IT & IOT Solutions 
  • Contact Center & Support Services
  • Core, Branchless & Mobile Banking Solutions 
  • Hospital Resource & Care Management Solutions 
  • Food & Beverage  
  • Beauty & Salon  
  • Agriculture  
  • Service Startups
  • Construction & Land Development



Today we have a strong presence in the local LPG sector that it being further augmented with securing longer-term supplies, both through local sources and through imports. 

Akbar Associates continues to be proud of its association with Navistar Defense and beings its authorized distributor and teaming partner for Pakistan. 

Akbar Associates presence in the IT space is recognized by its CRM solutions and services provided to its client that are configured around its 21 PRI Avaya infrastructure. In addition, the core banking and hospitality management solutions developed by Akbar’s in-house teams are now going through final testing and certifications prior to the first Alpha versions hitting the market by Q3 2020.

Our entry into the Food & Beverage and Salon & Beauty sectors was based on our recognition of the unprecedented growth in Pakistan’s service sector and the opportunities that it provided. We have entered the market with over a billion rupees’ investment by establishing two top end restaurants in Islamabad’s up market districts of E-7 and F-6.  

Akbar Associates’ Beauty & Salon Division opened its first state-of-the-art and probably country’s most luxurious ladies salon, also in Islamabad’s most posh area of E-7 in mid 2019 under a franchise arrangement with Nabila, Pakistan’s most valuable brand in the business.

Again keeping to our tradition of exploring the unexplored, Akbar Associates has embarked on a highly ambitious program to develop a local capability to provide locally manufactured hardware necessary for IOT and growth of the associated software sectors.

However, what makes us most proud at Akbar Associates and keeps our heads high is our total and unqualified commitment to our corporate Business Ethics and HSE&Q policy. At Akbar Associates all officers and employees are fully and equally committed and accountable to the company policy that no profit, however large or important, shall be made by compromising on the following: